Bethesda Forms New Studio to Work on Starfield

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Bethesda Forms New Studio to Work on Starfield

Without a doubt, Bethesda fans were practically elated once it was finally confirmed during the firm’s press conference at E3 2018 that the science fiction project known as Starfield is an actuality that’s in the works. Considering how the company’s Executive Producer and Game Director, Todd Howard, has talked up the game so far, it sounds as if Starfield will be a massive undertaking. With this being the case, the publisher and developer has announced during QuakeCon 2018 that it will be forming a new studio to work on Starfield.

According to Bethesda, Escalation Studios, which has assisted with projects like Skyrim, Fallout VR, and different aspects of other Bethesda titles will pitch in to help with Starfield under the Bethesda Game Studios banner, and now be called BGS Dallas. However, Bethesda didn’t offer up an idea as to what BGS Dallas’ role will be in creating and working on assets for Starfield other than to say that the newly founded studio is now officially on the project.


For those who may have been out of the loop lately, BGS Dallas isn’t the only satellite studio that Bethesda has formed this year, as the publisher and developer has yet another subsidiary team in Texas as well. As it so happens, Bethesda opened a new office in Austin, Texas several months ago after its parent company ZeniMax Media acquired what was formerly known as BattleCry Studios and renamed it BGS Austin.

As previously mentioned, it’s anyone’s guess this point as to what BGS Dallas will bring to the table for Starfield, but its worth noting that the studio previously contributed co-development work on DOOM 2016’s SnapMap feature alongside id Software. With this being the case, perhaps Bethesda’s new Dallas studio has been brought on board to introduce some kind of customizable in-game construction features akin to the tools found in level editors for Starfield. Of course, with the science fiction project having yet to even reveal gameplay at this point, we will have to wait and see what Bethesda has in mind for the title overall.

Starfield has yet to receive an official release date, and currently lacks official platforms.

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