Destiny 2 Buffing Year 1 Supers With Forsaken Update

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Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion is giving gamers new ways to play their chosen subclasses with all new abilities and subclass trees. However, some fans have been wondering if the original Destiny 2 subclass trees will be getting a design pass ahead of Forsaken to make sure they don’t get overshadowed by the new supers. This week, Bungie Senior Sandbox Designer Claude Jerome confirmed that Void Titan’s Ward of Dawn will be buffed, but made no comment on any of the other supers.

The new super abilities coming with Forsaken are pretty powerful, some powerful enough to become the primary choice for their respective subclasses. The Ward of Dawn subclass tree in Destiny 2 is nothing compared to what it was in Destiny, and many fans are hoping that the buff will bring back some form of the Weapons of Light or Blessings of Light perks. These perks granted bonus damage or an overshield respectively. While Jerome gave no indication as to what the buff is, Titan mains can hope that the bubble will be relevant in year 2.

Hopefully, this hint from Jerome means that all existing subclasses will be getting buffed to make them more powerful. In an earlier Twitter exchange, Jerome also said that Bungie wants to only add to player choices, not invalidate any of the existing ones. Guardians will need all the powerful tools they can get their hands on to take on the Barons of Scorn in the Tangled Shore.

Alongside the new abilities, Bungie also revealed that not all new super subclasses will be available to players at the start of Forsaken. Players will be able to choose one of the new subclass paths, and the rest will be obtainable through quests in the Dreaming City after the campaign. Hopefully, all existing subclasses will be buffed so players will still feel powerful running the older subclass trees.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.



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