Dying Light Mod Features Resident Evil 2’s Police Station

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Dying Light Mod Features Resident Evil 2’s Police Station

Fans waiting eagerly for a remake of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 just got a little something to hold them over. Thanks to a fan-made mod available for Techland’s Dying Light, players can visit a detailed recreation of one of Resident Evil 2’s most iconic locations, the police station. Although at present there is only one playable location, the ‘Calamar’ mod is being described as a work-in-progress, suggesting that more locations from Resident Evil 2 will appear as it develops.

Players of the PC version of Dying Light can kill zombies and explore Resident Evil 2’s police station by downloading the free mod here, then launching the “Custom Maps” game mode and selecting the map from there. Players can access the modding tool used to make custom maps via the Workshop tab on the Steam page for Dying Light. ‘Calamar’ is configured for solo play, although modders can opt to enable co-op gameplay instead.

Zombies in Dying Light's 'Calamar' Custom Map

The police station from Resident Evil 2 is one of the series’ most memorable spots, appearing near the beginning of the game. The structure and outside area of the police station have been faithfully replicated along with various environmental details, such as an overturned semi that’s been caught on fire.

Techland has been consistently updating Dying Light with substantial content drops since its release in January 2015. Dying Light: The Following was released in February of 2016 as a downloadable expansion pack and features a new story mode, characters, weapons, and a map twice the size of the original. Dying Light‘s frequent content drops have brought various special characters and weapons, plus a Battle Royale style game mode set in the Dying Light universe.

As far as an official Resident Evil 2 remake, rumors of its development have been circulating since it was announced by Capcom almost three years ago. However, the developers’ conspicuous silence on the day of Resident Evil 2’s recent 20th anniversary has left fans fearing for the future of the remake. The game’s original director, on the other hand, recently expressed faith in the new director, who he says he told to “do as you like” while they were out drinking together.

Dying Light is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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