Fortnite: Where to Find the Week 5 Hidden Battle Star

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Now that Season 5 Week 5 of Fortnite has been going on for a few days, some fans have been able to complete all of the new challenges and are on the hunt for the hidden Road Trip battle star. After completing all seven Week 5 challenges, players will unlock a new loading screen that offers a clue as to where to find the the hidden battle star.

The loading screen, which can be seen above, depicts Fortnite characters hanging out near the T-Rex statue in the desert biome. The important bit of information comes from the sign in the bottom left-hand corner that shows three cacti and a building in their center. This building is where Fortnite players can find the hidden battle for Week 5.

This location is just southwest of Retail Row, in the northern part of the desert biome. Here is a screenshot of exactly where players can find the Season 5 Week 5 hidden battle star in Fortnite:

fortnite season 5 week 5 hidden battle star

Alternatively, we recommend this video guide by YouTuber Tabor Hill, which will show players exactly how to find the Season 5 Week 5 hidden battle star in Fortnite:

Before players can worry about collecting the Week 5 hidden battle star though, they will have to complete all of the challenges up to this point. This is no easy feat, but as more challenges are added to the battle pass, they at least feed into each other and become less stressful.

For example, there are challenges that both require players to get sniper rifle eliminations as well as deal damage with sniper rifles. This way, players are able to go after multiple challenges at once, which could alleviate frustration for anyone struggling with the Season 5 challenges.

Some challenges are less skill-based and more about finding other hidden battle stars. For example, Week 5 adds a Snobby Shores treasure map that players have to follow in order to find a hidden battle star, though that battle star can be collected by anyone with the battle pass, and doesn’t require players to complete other challenges to unlock it.

Fortnite is out now in early access on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.



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