Is Pokemon GO Popular Again?

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Is Pokemon GO Popular Again?

In the summer of 2016, Pokemon GO was an absolute phenomenon, taking not only the gaming industry by storm, but the world at large. The game’s impact was far-reaching, inspiring copycat games, being referenced in all sorts of media, and even influencing legislation in some areas. Pokemon GO has remained a relatively popular game since then, earning quite a bit of cash for Niantic each month, but it still hasn’t returned to its summer 2016 highs. However, there is now evidence that suggests Pokemon GO is becoming even more popular, and could very well be on track to return to its summer 2016 level of popularity.

Data collected by Pokemon GO Hub, based on Google’s Trends tool and a variety of other metrics, shows that Pokemon GO has enjoyed an upward climb in popularity since May of this year. Since the game encourages players to go outside and explore, it makes sense for it to be more popular during the summer months, but instead of a simple spike in popularity, the game appears to be experiencing a general upward trend.

It appears as though there are a few different reasons why Pokemon GO is currently enjoying an increase in popularity. For one, it seems like the Field Research system has played a significant role, with Google search queries about Field Research now outpacing search queries about raids. Secondly, it appears as though Niantic consistently adding content to the game has been a big help, as Pokemon GO players are regularly able to participate in special events and try new features. And finally, the addition of Pokemon trading has also helped the game increase in popularity, which is something we’ve seen reflected in its rising revenue.


Based on the evidence, it seems these efforts by Niantic have not only kept existing players regularly playing Pokemon GO, but it also has brought in new players and those who haven’t played the game since launch. Anecdotally, we have noticed far more lower-level players in gyms and at raids than before, so it does seem as though more people are out playing Pokemon GO.

If Niantic is able to keep Pokemon GO supported with regular content updates like it has been doing, then it seems like a safe bet that the game’s popularity will only continue to increase. In September alone, fans have Moltres Day to look forward to, as well as the Chikorita Community Day and whatever the Ultra Bonus reward ends up being. It’s also possible that this month will see the release of fourth generation Pokemon, but that’s just speculation at this time.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub



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