Monster Hunter World Summer Festival is Live, Offers Layered Gear

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Monster Hunter World Summer Festival is Live, Offers Layered Gear

Anticipation for Monster Hunter World’s next crossover event with Final Fantasy 14 Online may be growing, but players shouldn’t lose sight of what’s going on in the game right now. The game’s Summer Twilight Festival is now live and has brought with it plenty for monster hunting fans to do and collect while they wait.

As with most Monster Hunter World events, the Summer Twilight Festival has plenty of content on offer. For more casual players, there are new quests to complete and bounties to fulfill. For the game’s hardcore audience, the festival offers Arch-Tempered versions of Kirin and Vaal Hazak to encounter and harvest. The Kulve Taroth siege has also returned, giving players a fresh chance to take the legendary beast down.

As exciting as the new activities are though, many players will be going after the new gear and layered armors that have been introduced with this event. These new sets include the Diver Layered Armor, Shadow Shades Layered Armor, and Butterfly Layered Armor. New non-layered armors have been included alongside these, including: Diver A armor set, Queen Beetle A set, and Queen Beetle B set. They might not be as unusual as the Ryu armor from the Street Fighter crossover event, but are quite cool nonetheless.

The Summer Twilight Festival and Final Fantasy 14 Online crossover aren’t the only big events happening in Monster Hunter World’s next couple of months. The game’s long-awaited PC port will release via Steam on August 9 and finally open the New World to a brand new audience. It won’t have mods or crossplay at launch, but that doesn’t mean Capcom won’t support them eventually.

In the months since Monster Hunter World launched, Capcom has been doing an incredible job keeping their game relevant. The developer has kept players engaged with a steady stream of relevant content that provides real challenge and meaningful rewards for the time invested in completing them. Each and every one of these updates and events has been provided free of charge too, which in the current gaming climate is kind of incredible. Monster Hunter World is already considered to be a landmark game by many, and it’s hard not to think that reputation won’t keep growing if Capcom can keep this up.

Monster Hunter World is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game launches for PC on August 9.



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