Pokemon GO: Entei Research Encounter IV Guide And Best Move Set

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Pokemon GO: Entei Research Encounter IV Guide And Best Move Set

September is here and, for Pokemon GO players, that means it is time for a new Research Breakthrough encounter. The arrival of Entei as a Breakthrough Reward offers the chance to add a few of the powerful Fire-type to the roster and players will want to get as close to a perfect Entei as possible.

Although the IV that appears during the encounter is random, it is helpful to quickly now what you’ve earned without heading to an appraisal app. With that in mind, the Pokemon GO community has developed another quick and easy visual guide for this Research Breakthrough encounter.

Here are all of the details and IV breakdowns for the Entei encounter, courtesy of The Silph Road


Many players will have the chance at four encounters during September, so keep those fingers crossed for a 90+% spawn. That said, be sure to keep in mind that Entei is still a strong addition to the Battle Raid roster even if it isn’t 100%.

Those max IV spawns are very rare and, unless you are really crunching the numbers and cutting it close, most players won’t notice the difference as long as the Pokemon has been powered up and has the best move set for the given fight.

Check back throughout the month for more details on upcoming events and the big surprise Ultra bonus. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: The Silph Road

Source: Gamerant.com


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