PT Silent Hills Remake Taken Down By Konami

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A few years ago, Konami made the surprising and controversial decision to cancel Silent Hills and remove its playable teaser, known simply as PT, from the PlayStation Store. The resulting backlash from the Silent Hills cancellation saw a number of game developers move forward with spiritual successors attempting to emulate the PT experience, and some fans start work on straight-up remakes that would make the game more widely available. Unfortunately, one of the most notable of these remakes, PT for PC, has since been shut down.

Konami contacted PT for PC creator Qimsar and told him that he had to take down the project, though the company is apparently compensating him in some way. According to Qimsar, Konami will be giving the PT for PC developer merch and video games, on top of offering him an internship where he would work with Konami studios in Europe, the United States, and Japan. Qimsar seems excited at this possible opportunity, especially since he’s 17 years old and has yet to even graduate high school.

Qimsar added that, according to the Konami representative he spoke to, that the publisher was impressed with his work and it inspired it to make “legitimate games” again. Presumably, this means Konami has a desire to return to more traditional game development, as opposed to the Pachinko machines and mobile games that it focuses on now.


It’s unclear how much the Konami representative that spoke to Qimsar can be trusted in regards to Konami’s future game development plans. However, it’s worth noting out that Qimsar appears to have been singled out, despite the fact that there are some other PT remakes currently in active development. This could mean that the Konami rep’s claims that the company was impressed by Qimsar’s work are legitimate, as the company doesn’t appear to have gone after other people who are working on similar projects.

Fans who are eager for Konami to return to traditional game development shouldn’t get too excited, though. Since it fired Hideo Kojima, Konami has shown a general lack of interest when it comes to traditional game development, and until it starts making some official announcements, there’s no reason to think it’s turned a new leaf.

Silent Hills was in development for PlayStation 4.

Source: Gamejolt



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