Radical Heights Reveals Female Character Models, Outfits

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Radical Heights Reveals Female Character Models, Outfits

Since releasing in “X-treme Early Access” last week, the 80s game show-infused battle royale game from Boss Key Productions, Radical Heights, has been met with a great deal of criticism. One of the biggest complaints fans have had about the game is its lack of female playable characters, but it looks as though that particular issue will be fixed in the near future.

This is according to Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski, who posted images of the Radical Heights female character models on Twitter. The female characters in Radical Heights will stick with the 80s-inspired look and feel of the rest of the game, as they appear to be dressed as stereotypical VHS tape fitness instructors. Unfortunately, CliffyB didn’t indicate when exactly fans of Radical Heights can expect the female playable characters to be added to the game.

Check out the female playable characters in Radical Heights right here:

While we still don’t know when female playable characters are coming to Radical Heights, it’s nice to know that they’re in active development and appear to be making good progress. Whenever they are added to Radical Heights, they will address one of the main concerns raised by fans since it launched in early access last week, which may improve public opinion of the game. However, Radical Heights will still have a long way to go from there before it is able to leave its “X-treme Early Access” state.

Besides the lack of female playable characters, fans have raised other concerns about Radical Heights. There has been some worry that the game may have a pay-to-win economy, with Boss Key already changing the Founder’s Pack bonuses in the game a couple of times in attempt to address this. Fans have also complained about the game’s many technical issues, including a glitch that allows players to clip into a bush and essentially become invisible.

Radical Heights has also been the source of controversy behind the scenes as well, with CliffyB accusing Epic Games, the studio behind the most popular battle royale game Fortnite, of stealing talent from Boss Key. Whether or not Radical Heights is able to shake these controversies and address fan complaints in a timely manner remains to be seen, but so far the game appears to be making good progress towards those goals.

Radical Heights is available now in early access on PC.

Source: Gamerant.com


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