Rumor: Bethesda’s Starfield Will Debut at E3, Releases This Fall

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Rumor: Bethesda’s Starfield Will Debut at E3, Releases This Fall

Bethesda Game Studios’ next major release may be arriving sooner than expected in the form of rumored sci-fi RPG Starfield. A member of the gaming forum ResetERA posted in a Starfield related thread, stating that the game would be “coming this fall” and that fans should wait for E3. A ResetERA administrator confirmed with the commenter that they were “in a position to know such information,” but could not confirm the authenticity of the information itself.

ResetERA has a policy of punishing unfounded claims, so having an administrator acknowledge the rumor’s potential veracity lends credence to it. The commenter, who goes by the username Potterson, says that they are not an insider or a games journalist. They just happened to “know something” and “decided to share.” The vagueness either implies that they don’t want to give away how they learned such information or that they may not be reliable.

Starfield itself remains completely unannounced. The public’s knowledge of the game is entirely based on trademark filings from Bethesda and rumors. Starfield trademark filings began several years ago, so at the very least a project by that name exists somewhere at the studio. Beyond that lies speculation.

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The Starfield rumors began last year when another source claimed the title was planned to be revealed at E3 2017. That source described the game as a sci-fi title within the Fallout universe, featuring space travel, hub worlds, and randomly generated worlds. That announcement obviously never happened, but Bethesda’s current approach of announcing games just months prior to their launch could explain the delay.

Needless to say, given the trail of rumors proven false that have followed Starfield for several years now, it’s best to approach this new rumor with skepticism. With that said, there’s plenty of evidence to indicate that Bethesda may very well indeed show off Starfield soon. The studio has already confirmed that it has two major games in development, plus those trademarks continue to be filed — including for what’s assumed to be a Starfield mobile spin-off.

Confirmation or refutation of the Starfield rumor will have to wait until E3 2018, with Bethesda’s E3 press conference airing June 10.

Source: ResetERA



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